Global Business Solutions

Each engagement is preceded by a Needs Assessment.

What is a Needs Assessment and why do we insist that one be done?

  • Determine and align on expected results, timing and priorities.
  • Define and gain multi-lateral buy-in on key actions, milestones and metrics.
  • Align on key risks and contingent responses.
  • Agree on project budget and management process.
  • Work through organizational objections and communication process.
  • COMMIT - “Skin in the game”, and investment in the program.

What is typically delivered as a Business Solution?

  • Internal assessment and business case.
  • “As-is” and “To-be” process definitions.
  • Resource and support requirement with timing.
  • Detailed implementation plan - “no magic.”
  • Piloted and completed build projects.
  • New metrics, key indicators and tracking mechanisms.
  • Human resources reorganization, training, new accountabilities.
  • Market and financial results that meet or exceed agreement and expectations.