Hale Hall of Heroes

Hale Hall of Heroes:

Heroes take many different forms. Some act decisively to rescue another from a potentially harmful situation. Others offer support and contribution to those around them or those they do not even know for the good of others. Hale Global Capital Solutions is committed to recognize such heroes within our organization, and while they may not leap tall buildings with a single bound, they influence the hearts, minds and souls of those around them or abroad that benefit from their generosity and contribution. The names below are Honorary Clients and Customers of Hale Global Capital Solutions. They qualify by exhibiting a selfless act or contribution to the greater good and do it silently or with a smile. They are Heroes and we are proud to honor them and their contribution to others.

Timothy Zydek: Zydek Development Group: Hall of Heroes 2010

Tim donated proceeds to the Potentials Foundation, a Cause for Chloe' a 501C3, enabling children and their families from around the country to attend the Little People of America (LPA) in July of 2007. The contribution was the foundation that allowed future growth and families to benefit not only from research but from relationships to support and encourage one another around the world. A contribution with global and lasting effect. Tim passed away on February 27, 2009. A good friend. A generous man. Forever remembered.

Michael and Erin Brown: Queen of Hearts: Hall of Heroes 2010

Michael and Erin Brown hosted the 2010 Queen of Hearts charity event bringing NFL players and friends together to raise money for two foundations near to the Browns' heart. The Charles Tillman Foundation and the Potentials Foundation. Michael was an accomplished defensive back for the Chicago Bears and Kansas City Chiefs. His wife Erin is a devoted philanthropist, engaged in a year long project to better the lives of children through an evening of laughs and prizes at the Queen of Hearts Casino Night in Scottsdale, Arizona. Countless Champions both on and off the field attended to show their support for such a worth cause. Thank you for your friendship and your tireless contribution to those around you.

David Hadad: Fumar Cigar: Hall of Heroes 2011

David is a passionate individual when it comes to many things. A good story, fine aged tobacco and the rarest in aged spirits. The one topic that captures his philanthropic gift are Soldiers and their families. David has teamed up with Hale Global Capital Solutions; Gary Sinese, who many may know as Lt. Dan from the Film Forrest Gump; and the USO to provide encouragement to our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. David is responsible for the distribution of hundreds of thousands cigars to our brave men and women in the armed forces serving overseas. His office is covered in letters, battle flags and memorabilia from numerous military companies and administration officials including President George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. and numerous Generals and soldiers. The joy is “Bringing a bit of home and the luxury of a fine cigar to a soldier surrounded by adversity far away from his loved ones back home.” David is raising monies and awareness for our troops and the 10 Yr anniversary of the Attack of the World Trade Center by arranging a nationally celebrated event in Scottsdale, Arizona on September 10, 2011. For more information please visit his website at www.fumarcigar.com.