Investor Programs

Invest in the expertise and flawless handling of administrative and tax issues without the hassle. Here is how it works:

  1. Investor invests funds with HVCG.
  2. Investor becomes its own individual, numbered LLC.
  3. The fund draws high captured interest and 6 month guaranteed interest
    – often, actual term is shorter.
  • The program ratios and structures that very tightly manage risk,
    the deal structure is highly consistent and repeatable.
  • The program is not like a “mutual fund” as the investor is still tied directly to the underlying
    borrowers and properties through escrow.

Homes on auction circuit are bought in bulk by investor groups.

  • Institutional sales (where banks are bidding) will typically yield sales
    at 25% less than buyer purchase offer (BPO).
  • HVCG can access as many as 5 auctions per day
    – the buyer need not be present but must have funds immediately available.
  • The buyer must deposit $10K upon bid and pay $5K in HVCG and bidder fees.
  • The advantage is simple: no commissions, no escrow, no title fee, literally a 24 hour transaction.

Exit strategies with clear cut goals:

  1. Payoff
  2. Sale
  3. Refinance
  4. Extension
  5. Deed in Lieu
  6. Insurance (in case of casualty loss)