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Hale Global Capital Solutions is Your Team:

The Hale family of Companies is committed to excellence in the fields of international import and export, capital funding of commercial short term real assets, and purchase order and invoice financing. Having grown organically the team at Hale Global Capital Solutions has found that capital infusion into like minded companies and products has created a word that we use frequently: Synergy. The sum of our products is greater than the whole. We are in fact a family of operations moving within the same model and towards the same goal: Consistency, Profitability and Transparency. Hale and its affiliates are noted as the generous contributors to both community and industry. Many of our efforts support green technologies. Additionally, we encourage paperless transactions and electric products that account for innumerable savings and economical benefits for all.

Hale Global Capital Solutions operates from within its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona and extends influence to such destinations as Finland, Beijing, Mexico and Canada. We are truly a global company both in spirit and commerce. You may already enjoy one of our family's products or support systems. Distributions cover most of the developed world, while also supporting our local growing companies and communities.

We are proud to support one another and welcome you to look into the Hale family of companies.
Thank you again and welcome to the Hale Global Capital Solutions.

Thomas W. Hale
Founder, CEO. 

Leading by Example:

Thomas W. Hale President and Chief Executive Officer (480) 694-8471

Tom Hale has been a leader for most of his life and has made a strong name in the areas of commercial and insititutional banking. The opportunity to fund based upon the set credentials of a company to spur growth and financial benefit to the company as well as the customer, has become the motto of success for Hale Global Capital Solutions. With a desire to work with a small footprint, Tom has made it possible to direct as much attention, resources and energies towards projects twice the company's size. Consistency, profitability and transparency are the tenets that make it all possible to have a name synonymous with global business.

Developing win-win solutions with consistency is the key to global business success where much of the banking segments have crumbled under the weight of regulation and lack of funding ability. Fundamental models where both the customer and the company benefit are the cornerstone to growth and each is dependent upon the other. Good leadership starts at the top, and Hale Global Capital Solutions models its leadership from Tom Hale, its founder.

"The company bears my name and its success depends on the quality that the name Hale represents. I am committed to growth and sustained performance through consistent models in a global and changing enviornment. This is done through education and surrounding ourselves with the finest advisors to each specific industry. We pride ourselves in listening to the needs of the client and structuring an outline that sustains and encourages growth and development through keen business models based upon the very cornerstone of our business model, transparency and a shared global relationship."

Thomas W. Hale

Mark Maloney Sr. Partner Hale-Canada (403) 616-9413 / (877) 455-6618 fax

Mark Maloney is responsible for the Canadian Division of Hale Capital Global Solutions and operates out of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Mr. Maloney is the key director of Canadian Affairs for Hale Global Capital and serves as a key advisor and partner with Hale. Mr. Maloney also, owns and operates several corporations within the Maloney Global Group family of companies:,, 98344 Alberta Real Estate Corporation, Tango Energy Holdings. Mark has an International sports management background and has been instrumental in building the National Sport Academy and Calgary Hockey Development over the past seventeen years. Mark received his post secondary education - A.S.A. Liberal Arts L.C.C.C. in Cheyenne Wyoming, and Bachelor of Communications oat the University of Calgary. Mark is married to Loretta and has two incredible children Connor and Katie.

Neil W. Thomson Corporate In-house counsel

Neil W. Thomson is the founding member of Thomson Esq. and brings a broad range of experience to provide clients with comprehensive, strategic, innovative and cost-effective legal counsel.

While Mr. Thomson provides counsel in many business-related areas, he is particularly focused on planning, documenting and completing corporate and commercial transactions including emerging growth companies, manufacturing, medical, nutrition, development, telecommunications, technology, professional services and real estate. He routinely advises clients on organizing and planning business entities, mergers and acquisitions, structuring strategic alliances, structuring commercial and intellectual property transactions, and creating and protecting trade secrets and other intellectual property rights. Mr. Thomson also represents privately held companies in connection with private placements, financing alternatives, including secured and unsecured credit facilities and debt or equity offerings, and mergers and acquisitions. In addition, he has developed and implemented various exit strategies enabling clients to monetize their investments, including mergers and divestitures, and has implemented various corporate restructurings, reorganizations, and recapitalizations. His clients include individuals, entrepreneurs, emerging growth companies, health care providers as well as local and national companies.

In real estate, Mr. Thomson has represented real estate developers and property owners on a wide variety of matters, including acquisitions, loan workout agreements, property exchanges, restructuring of transactions, financing, leasing and due diligence issues.