Private Capital Funding

The Expertise of an Investment Manager with the experience of Hale Global Capital Solutions makes for successful private equity investments of individuals or companies.

  • Pursues one or more highly targeted, formulated investment strategies.
  • Raises pools of capital, or private equity funds, from Investors (Limited Partners).
  • Typically, receives a periodic management fee as well as a share of the
    profits earned (carried interest).
  • Typically acquires substantial position in invested companies and then seeks to
    maximize return in exit strategies such as recapitalization, IPO, merger, or acquisition.

Benefits to the Borrower:

  • Gains access to funds in very tight capital market at market rates with fair
    terms and a consistent, ethical structure and source.
  • Benefits to the Investor:

  • Gains superior returns with minimal risk and very high velocity of money (increased turns).
  • Hale Global Capital Solutions makes it all possible, while:

  • Earning a reasonable fee structure and equitable participation in captured interest
    stream; also, ensuring absolute process consistency and flawless execution
    through simplicity and consistency.