Venture Capital Funding

Don't venture into the unknown without expertise and experience.

Hale Global Capital Solutions has already blazed the trail with meticulous planning,
a constant watch of external forces and a solid vision that can bring great success.

What are the basics?

  • Due diligence in conjunction with an investment opportunity.
  • Funding of business improvement/transformation, often in conjunction with an investment opportunity.
  • Funding of acquisition, divestiture, or restructuring of balance sheet and/or business activities.
  • Funding in support of strategic alliances with suppliers, customers and/or technology enabling firms.
  • Management of supplemental funding such as liquidation of inventory, F,F&E or productive assets including real estate.
  • Primary deliverables of the funding program and client collaboration:

  • Establishing the need and urgency for change.
  • Leadership: Challenging, Inspiring, Enabling, Encouraging and Modeling.
  • Building the clear bridge between business vision and specific, tangible time-boxed goals and objectives.
  • Redesigning and pilot-testing key processes, systems and organizational units.
  • Achieving results, doing post-testing and locking in changes to prevent backsliding.
  • Managing risks and building foundation for continuous improvement.